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Pablo Medina Bener

The things you need when bringing a new cat home

Cats make our homes better. They bring creativity and curiosity, a sense of mischief and, best of all, a walking bundle of fluff that can be stroked and petted. They help alleviate our stress and provide countless hours of bonkers fun for our whole family.

But this is a two-way relationship: our homes need to help our cats, too. They need to provide safety, comfort and relaxation, and this is particularly important for kittens who have never been away from their mothers. So before bringing a new cat home, you need to make sure the environment is spot-on.

In this post, we’ll give you a checklist that will help you create a feline-friendly home. Although it’s mainly written with kittens in mind, the same basic rules apply when you’re adopting an adult cat.

1. Make sure you’ve got a litter box

This is an essential part of any new kitten checklist and it’s important for more mature cats, too. The litter box will be their bathroom throughout their life and they need to be introduced as soon as possible.

You can buy litter boxes in all manner of materials, from stainless steel to disposable cardboard. But the box should be at least as long and as wide as your cat, allowing them to enter and turn around with ease , and the gravel should be deep enough for them to dig and bury.

It’s important to consider location, too. The litter box should be placed in an area that is easy to access, with good air quality (your cat may be put off by a fusty basement or cupboard ). And try to put the box in the corner of the room: our cats tend to be drawn to corners and find safety there.

2. Stash cords, ropes and cables should be out of reach

When we’re planning how to care for a kitten, hazard-management is crucial. As anyone who’s ever dangled a feather wand in front of a kitty will know, cats love grasping dangling objects, so we need to keep any tempting strings out of harm’s way. The instinct is particularly strong in junior cats, so this is an essential part of good kitten care.

Before your new cat arrives, conduct a thorough sweep of the house and if you see anything they can pull down, make sure it’s stashed or tied up.

3. Chemicals need to be locked away

Similar to the point above, we need to keep our chemicals out of reach so our inquisitive little tigers can’t ingest them.

Cleaning products and beauty accessories can seem strangely enticing to our cats, but they’re often toxic. So make sure the lids are on and your cupboards are firmly shut.

4. Your cat needs a place to hide

Sometimes your kitty will want a place to go and chill on their own when things get too stressful. That’s just part of their nature and it’s totally healthy . So when you’re preparing your new kitten checklist, don’t forget to give them a hiding place.

Simply by putting down a crate or cardboard box, you can create a safe place for your kitty (and, as we mentioned in a previous blog post, it can also give them a den to jump and pounce from). Ideally you should put the container on a tall piece of furniture, so your cat can feel like they’re out of reach when they need space.

6. Buy stainless steel bowls

Your new cat needs separate bowls for food and water, and we recommend getting stainless steel rather than plastic.

Yes it might be more expensive, but trust us, it’s worth it. Stainless steel is not only easy to clean, it doesn’t crack like plastic does. Bacteria can thrive in the nicks and scratches around your cat’s bowl, but steel will prevent this from happening

7. Remember: Houseplants can be toxic

A lot of everyday houseplants can harm our kitties when ingested. These include jade, lilies, daffodils and tulips.

If you have plants in your house, make sure you do your research on whether they’re cat-friendly. We’d recommend asking a vet, as they’ll be able to provide all the information you need.

And finally... make sure you get some healthy treats!

Feeding treats to your cat is a great way to make them feel welcome in their new home, and can play a key role in their overall diet. So a healthy treat is an essential part of any new kitten checklist.

If you want an option to get started, check out our range of Purrsticks. These are great for hand-treating, so they allow you to form a lovely bond with your cat, and their high meat content is an ideal complement to your cat’s regular diet plan

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