Bonding Tip of The Week: Music Magic

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Molly DeVoss

Cat Behavior Solutions

Hi everybody! Molly, with Cat Behavior Solutions, here with your Vitakraft Bonding Tip of the Week. Last week we talked about creating a routine for your cat, and how that gives your cat confidence and control. I want to build on that a little bit.

What if you have one of those households where routine is difficult and chaos abounds? What can you do for your cat then? This bonding tip is: use music to calm a hectic home.

Joshua Leeds is a producer who specializes in psychoacoustics, the field of study that refers to how music affects the nervous system. Research has concluded that music definitely has a positive impact on the mammalian nervous system, with classical music in particular having a great calming effect on pets.

So, Joshua and the pianist Lisa Spector came together and produced music that’s especially designed to calm your pet, with natural rhythms like those associated with purring and nursing. It’s called, “Through a Cat’s Ear.” And while cats don’t always respond to regular human music, classical music written with a cat’s preferred pitch and tempo in mind? That does the trick.

The music’s available on Spotify, Amazon, and all those types of places. Even better, it’s very calming for you, too!

If you have one of those chaotic and unsettling environments, consider giving your kitty a calming cat “treat” in the form of some classical piano music. Because any time we keep the environment calm for our cat, they’re going to feel better, more confident, more in control, and all those feelings lead to wanting to bond more. Until next time, play a little classical music for a happy cat, and keep calm and purr on!

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