Gently Oven-Roasted Cat Sticks

Chicken Recipe & Chicken Recipe with Salmon

Available in Single or Multipack


Keeping your kitty-cat happy just got easier
for cat owners in

You’ll hear your cat purr for these delicious treats!
And here is why: the high meat content (>70%), small batch production, and gently-oven roasted, premium ingredients combine to make these truly irresistible.
The package’s perforated strips allow for six tear-away, single stick servings and guarantee each stick’s freshness! Put them in your pocket or purse for a vet visit or throw them in a travel bag for your next trip. Small markings on the sticks make giving small portions to your cat easy and convenient.
Feeding Suggestion
Depending on size of cat, feed 1 stick per day. Fresh water should always be provided. Break apart at the marks, for smaller, chewable portions. For cats aged 3 months or older.

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Gently Oven-Roasted Cat Sticks

High meat content (>70%), small batch production and premium ingredients combine to make these truly irresistible.

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