Thick and Creamy Topper or Side Dish

Chicken Recipe & Salmon Recipe

Available in Single or Multipack


Keeping your kitty-cat happy just got easier
for cat owners in

Cats will come running for this tasty, saucy chicken OR salmon broth!
The delicious smell is sure to please any cat. Each soup package contains small pouches for individual serving occasions, which also makes pouring directly in a dish or using as a food topper very easy.
It's important for cats to get the proper liquid amount in their diet and this treat can help with that. The chicken recipe includes chicken broth, real chicken fillet pieces and carrots and the salmon recipe includes salmon broth, real salmon fillet pieces and spinach!
Feeding Suggestion
Feed as a treat or food topper. Feed 2–3 sachets per day for adult cats. When feeding, please reduce the complete food. Serve at room temperature.

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