Image of Crunch Sticks Apple & Carrot Flavor

Crunch Sticks Apple & Carrot Flavor

Treat your dwarf hamster to a crunchy baked treat stick that's perfectly sized for the smallest of furry friends. Made with fruits, veggies, and grains, Crunch Sticks are a delicious way to treat your hamster and promote chewing for strong, healthy teeth. The triple-baked layers make this treat last longer, with a natural wood chew center that provides hours of chewing fun long after the treat part is gone.

Image of Mini Drops Banana & Cherry Flavor

Mini Drops Banana & Cherry Flavor

Treat your dwarf hamster, rat, or mouse to some well-deserved variety with Vitakraft Mini Drops! These delicious fruit flavored morsels are perfectly sized for pocket pets, and come in a tasty 2-flavor blend of banana and strawberry pieces.

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