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Vitakraft Cage Liners

Vitakraft Cage Liners for Birds are exactly what you need to maintain a comfortable habitat for your pet bird. These soft, leak-proof liners are super absorbent thanks to a soft, quilted outer layer and a robust inner layer. These liners control moisture and odors to make sure bird cages for parakeets, parrots, and other pet birds stay fresh and dry. When it's cage-cleaning time, just fold up the liner and throw it away! These liners fit even an extra large bird cage at 18x20, sized between bird cage liners 18x18 and bird cage liners 20x20.

  • Cage Liners For Pet Birds: Place These Liners Underneath The Grate Of Your Parrot Or Parakeet Cage For An Easy Way To Keep Your Pet’s Home Clean.
  • Ultra Absorbent: The Soft, Quilted Top And Sturdy Inner Layer Absorb Moisture, And The Leak-Proof Bottom Ensures Your Pet’s Cage Stays Dry And Comfortable.
  • Reduces Odor: Keeps Your Home, And Your Pet Bird’s Home, Smelling Fresh And Clean.
  • Easy Clean Up: Cleaning Is A Breeze: Just Fold Up These Bird Cage Liners And Throw Them Away!
  • Holds Its Shape: Won'T Get Soggy And Gross Like Newspaper.
  • From the Experts: Specially Designed by the #1 Global Brand for Bird and Small Animal Care

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