Image of Cage Liners

Cage Liners

Vitakraft Cage Liners for Birds are exactly what you need to maintain a comfortable habitat for your pet bird. These soft, leak-proof liners are super absorbent thanks to a soft, quilted outer layer and a robust inner layer. These liners control moisture and odors to make sure bird cages for parakeets, parrots, and other pet birds stay fresh and dry. When it's cage-cleaning time, just fold up the liner and throw it away! These liners fit even an extra large bird cage at 18x20, sized between bird cage liners 18x18 and bird cage liners 20x20.

Image of Crunch Sticks Apple & Orange Flavor

Crunch Sticks Apple & Orange Flavor

Vitakraft Crunch Sticks for Conures are triple-baked, crunchy treat toys with a wood center for long-lasting chewing fun. These conure treats have millet for birds and are a great way to give your conure seed that they love! With each bake, these apple sticks are dipped in a nutritious coating, giving your bird vitamins and minerals to make it a perfect supplement to daily conure bird food. Each Stick’s wooden center encourages the chewing needed to wear down a bird's beak and keep it healthy and strong, just like a cuttlebone would. Includes a clip holder that clips easily to the bird cage.

Image of Crunch Sticks Apricot & Cherry Flavor

Crunch Sticks Apricot & Cherry Flavor

Treat your conure to a crunchy, long-lasting baked treat stick made with real apricots, cherries, and honey. Vitakraft Crunch Sticks don't just taste good: they also help support your bird's beak health and provide important stimulation to prevent boredom. The triple-baked layers make this treat last longer, with a natural wood chew center that provides hours of chewing fun long after the treat part is gone!

Image of Egg Food

Egg Food

Vitakraft VitaSmart Egg Food for Birds is the perfect way to give your bird calcium and get digestible protein into your pet bird’s diet. Use it to supplement food, whether it’s parakeet food, cockatiel food, budgie food, conure food, or any other pet bird food. Great for supplementing diets particularly during times of stress, whether it’s an environment change or breeding, nesting, and molting—but either way, this is egg birds will love all year round!

Image of Mini-Pop


Mini-Pop is a favorite foraging treat for many bird companions. Serve it unpopped right out of the bag, or toss it in the microwave first to transform it into a tasty popped corn treat.

Image of Oat Groats

Oat Groats

Nutritious, delicious, and perfectly sized for smaller beaks, Oat Groats are the ideal healthy treat or food topper for your feathered friend! Offer as a snack, special treat, or use as a nutritious topper for a pelleted diet. Oat Groats also go great with Vitakraft Egg Food!

Image of Super Fruit Cocktail

Super Fruit Cocktail

Vitakraft Fresh Super Fruit Cocktail is the perfect treat or food supplement for any pet bird diet. This harvest fruit and nut treat blends tropical fruits with vegetables and fun add-ins like whole peanuts and chili peppers, making it a great way to give your bird papaya and so much more. Goes great alongside conure food or parrot food—or, use as parrot treats, parakeet treats, conure treats, or cockatiel treats.

Image of VitaSmart Conure & Small Parrot

VitaSmart Conure & Small Parrot

Vitakraft’s Vita Smart Food for Conures is a premium fruit and nut bird seed mix perfect for your pet bird. The high-diversity mixture of grains, birdseed, tropical fruits, and vegetables includes banana, safflower seed, peas, peanuts, almonds, papaya, coconut, chili peppers, flax seed, hazelnuts, and egg. Plus, this sun conure food is vitamin-fortified with all of the nutrients your parakeet needs to stay healthy, helping your bird maintain smooth skin and bright, colorful feathers. Pair with fresh food, water, and lots of Vitakraft conure treats!

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